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  • "In September 2014 we toured through Champagne, Alsace/Lorraine, Burgundy and the Loire Valley, stopping at France Passion sites along the way. From the very first to the very last stop, we received warm welcomes and unbelievable generosity and hospitality from our hosts. Sometimes we were the only guests and at other times there were up to 10 other camping cars staying the night. Thank you for providing this wonderful service and an unequalled opportunity to meet the locals. "
  • "In 2014 from mid August to mid October we travelled around France and Southern Europe we stayed on many France Passion locations a total of 14 nights and had a wonderful time, the hospitality at times was so good it was embarrassing for us as strangers to be so warmly welcomed, we had nothing but positive experiences and met some very charismatic people from all walks of life. if you're as polite as your hosts you will have no problems, my tip is when in France never ever ask “Parlez-vous anglais” no matter how bad your French may be have a go, help is at hand and you will have a much better experience.
    Phil & Denise Dougan"
  • "We spent our holiday in France and stayed at least 6 times at one of the members of this organisation. We really loved it to discover rural France this way. Thanks for the hospitality."
  • "We stayed at Allogny last night. A thoroughly enjoyable stop over in a very tranquil location. We were worried that our two girls were too noisy but when we went to say goodbye and thank you (and sorry about the constant chatter the night before) the hosts assured us they were no trouble at all. We had ourselves a bbq next to the van - perfect."
  • "In 2013 we stayed at France Passion places. Most of them we enjoyed. This year with Brit Stops in England and Wales.
    Next year France Passion again!."