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COVID-19 - Information

France Passion sites are open!
(full list of temporarily closed sites available online in your Members Area)

Site visit guidelines :

- Check that your stopover is open before arriving

- Respect current obligatory protective measures at the site (maintain social distancing, wear a mask…)

- Ask permission before entering or using available facilities


Current season stopovers can be consulted online* in your Members Area from the month of March each year.
2020 season: all our 2020 stopovers online! Stopovers available online from 1st March 2020.

To access your Members Area:
- Use your login details after the 1st March
- Or register online using the codes printed on the Guest Card which accompanies the Guide
* Online access to stopovers is valid for one year from the 1st March.

An ideal complement to your Guide, the Members Area offers a host of included features:
- online trip planning
- route calculation
- stopover photos and reviews
stopover events calendar
- exclusive advantages…

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