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Members Area: 2020 stopovers online!

  01/03/2020 News

Stopovers available online from 1st March 2020

All 2020 stopovers are now available online and accessible through your Members Area: login and take advantage of all the extra features for your trips.

To access your Members Area:
- Use your login details after the 1st March
- Or register online using the codes printed on the Guest Card which accompanies the Guide
* Online access to stopovers is valid for one year from the 1st March.

Your Members Area is a great tool for planning your trips online:

- Search for your next stopover
- Plan your route
- Make and save road books
- Read and post stopover reviews
- Find festive and gastronomic events organised by your hosts
- Get exclusive advantages

The Members Area works as an ideal complement to the Stopover Guide and is accessible from home or on your Smartphone or tablet.